For Sale or Trade

Contact Jim Barber, N7CXI @ five oh nine nine six one thirty-seven eighty or
barberaudio at gmail dot com

Prices do NOT include packaging & shipping. I will quote shipping by your favorite carrier, or
USPS if not specified. Packing and shipping is cost-recovery only, I don't mark it up or charge for labor.

NEW Cardwell/Multronics 0.1 - 48uH 20A roller inductor
Paid $925 new for it in 2010, never used it. What's it worth, say $450?

Qty 2 NOS GS35B Triodes and one custom coaxial socket
I bought these tubes new from Dr. Alex in the Ukraine in 2014. The socket was machined
by Raco VA3YP . Silver-plated fingerstock, lots of ventilation. Beautiful work!

One tube with cooler only, $125
BOTH tubes with coolers only,$225
Socket only, $175
BOTH tubes with coolers and socket (whole kit) $350
The tubes are guaranteed for operation and full emission for 60 days after
date of purchase. Prices do not include shipping - these things are heavy!

Price includes gettering & Hi-pot testing at buyer's option.

NOS 20-1000pF 10KV 30mHz Russian-made vaccum variable capacitor (12mm shaft) $200
These are built like tanks and good for HF amps, tuning high-power mag loops etc.
The original specs for this cap claimed 50A RF current handling, but I'm thinking
more like 30A or so. In any case, more than you'd need for any amateur application...

500pF per section dual-section medium-power cap $50
Some corrosion on plates, works fine.

500pF medium-power cap $35
Good condition